Brooklyn Changing on & The Daily Mail and more

I woke-up to quite a surprising response last Tuesday morning when posted an interview with me and images on their website. (I knew they were posting it, I just didn't expect the response which has included requests from additional media outlets. And then there are the ones who simply took the images without asking! A friendly reminder that the images are copyrighted and you need to ask before using them and always link back to this page.)

My view on this subject is a bit different from the writer for Wired, so please bear that in mind. You can read more of my words in the Brooklyn Magazine article. I'm grateful for the posting in any case and have been enjoying discussing the broader issues associated with my subject matter. I also enjoyed an article on diving deeper into some of the location's histories. One commenter brought up a very good point saying: "Both this article and the Wired one miss big points. Here, what's not acknowledged is that these changes have an aggregate effect on the quality of life in the neighborhood, including its affordability and diversity. It is hard to build a community when your neighbors are priced out every two years and the new people coming in are whiter and richer than those leaving." 

I've experienced that myself and miss the community of moms I had in Greenpoint/Williamsburg. Within 3 years, almost all of my friends have either moved out of state, to the 'burbs or other parts of Brooklyn. (and at least 2 actually moved to Greenpoint from Williamsburg after I decamped to Bay Ridge.) Only those with means to own or rent stabilized apartments stayed., Daily Mail, Brooklyn Magazine